COURSE #2 | taught by Dr. Joshua Lingel
  • 14 Videos
  • 1 Quiz
  • 19 Multimedia
  • 20 Texts
  • 6 PDFs
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  • 100.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Qu’ran Critique Part 1 Revelation and Compilation
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Qu’ran Critique Part 2 Content Stories Prophets Enemies Rituals
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Qu’ran Critique 3 Miraculous Nature Eloquence Literary Qualities Arabic Universal Application
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Read the Medina portion of the Life of Muhammad by Ibn Ishaq
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Final Project and Action Plan
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Recommended Prerequisite

Islam's Issues, Agendas, and the Great Commission (Trainers Version)

Course description


  1. Why Care About Muslims
  2. How Muslims Come to Christ
  3. Biography of Muhammad Part 1
  4. Biography of Muhammad Part 2
  5. Muhammad’s Prophethood & Moral Character
  6. Historical Critique of the Sources for the Life of Muhammad
  7. Shariah Law & Society
  8. Qur'an Critique Part 1: Revelation and Compilation
  9. Qur'an Critique Part 2: Content, Stories, Prophets, Enemies, Rituals
  10. Qur'an Critique Part 3: Miraculous Nature: Eloquence, Literary Qualities, Arabic, Universal Application
  11. Textual Critcism of the Qur’an
  12. 'Isa in Islam or Jesus in Christianity?
  13. A Guide to Finishing the Great Commission

Unique to this training includes the ability to download all course videos and handouts.  


The aim of this 11 hour course is to equip the Christian to effectively engage in evangelism with Muslims through a deeper understanding of the Islamic Worldview. Muslims often raise polemical questions about the Bible, the nature of Jesus, and the origins and development of Christianity.  This course discusses a response to those critical questions while assessing the origins and early development of Islam.  The research has been peer-reviewed, and covers modern critical scholarship on the Biography of Muhammad, the six genres of Islamic historical tradition, as well as source and textual criticism of the Qur’an.

Subjects in this course also include:

  • Islamic worldview
  • The Life and supposed-Prophethood of Muhammad
  • The miraculous nature of the Qur’an
  • Textual criticism of the Qur’an
  • Shariah Law
  • The nature of Jesus
  • The origins and development of Christianity
  • Practical Guidelines to being involved in the Great Commission

The course will assist students in becoming equipped with responses to critical questions (philosophical and theological issues) raised by Muslims that attempt to undermine the foundations of the Christian faith and prove it to be self-contradictory, flawed, or false (This is a defense). Secondly, this class will provide the students with information on Islam and an introduction to polemics that undermine ones confidence in trusting the Islamic historical origins, philosophy or doctrines as true (This is the “offense”).

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Dr. Joshua  Lingel
Dr. Joshua Lingel
Executive Director of i2 Ministries


i2 Ministries, Inc.

Joshua Lingel is the President and visionary leader of i2 Ministries. Currently, he is responsible for leading training in Muslim Ministry and Islamic Studies for a network of over 20,000 churches in Asia, Africa and South America. The goal of i2 is to provide each church and Christian the accessibility to all the training they need to finish the Great Commission among Muslims from voices of global Christianity.

Joshua Lingel was called into Muslim Ministry at age 18 when God spoke to him to study everything he could about Islam and since then train up the global church to target the Muslims in one generation. He has been involved in Muslim Evangelism since 1991. Lingel attended six universities in Islamic Studies, including University of Washington, University of London, Harvard and Talbot School of Theology, in Muslim Ministry and Christian Theology, teaching at Biola University & Talbot School of Theology undergrad & graduate students in Christian Apologetics to Islam since 1999.

From 2003-2009 Joshua Lingel was co-founder and director of strategic projects with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), 

He is married to Jussara Robert Lingel and together they lead i2 Ministries.